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Pyron was an industrial saboteur for hire, often attacking the competitors of those who hired him using explosives. One day, he was hired by the Liquigas Company to destroy a chemical complex. He placed thermite explosives onto chemical tanks, unaware that Liquigas had rigged the explosives to explode sooner than Pyron intended in order to cover its tracks. When the explosives exploded, Pyron was seemingly killed. In reality, Pyron somehow survived when the chemicals and the fire transformed him, giving him pyrokinetic powers.[1]

Realizing that Liquigas had set up him, Pyron sought revenge and unleashed an inferno upon the complex to destroy it. The Avengers arrived to stop him, but the flames Pyron unleashed were so intense that none of the Avengers could get close to Pyron, even when wearing asbestos suits. Wasp was eventually able to defeat Pyron by sneaking up to him in an asbestos suit, shrinking down, and hurling a capsule containing a fire retardant foam that incapacitated him. After being taken into custody, Pyron agreed to testify against Liquigas.[1]

His current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Pyrokinesis: Pyron possesses vast control over flames. He could send them in any direction and even counteract the pyrokinetic powers of others like Human Torch. The flames he controlled were so intense that they melted Jocasta's titanium body and were able hold off the entire Avengers team, even someone like Wonder Man who possesses superhuman durability.[1]
  • Enhanced Strength: Pyron possessed possible enhanced strength as he was able to catch Captain America's shield with just one hand.[1]


As a saboteur, Pyron had knowledge in the use of explosives.


Explosives, the flames he controlled

  • Pyron's flames were hot enough to melt titanium, indicating his flames could reach temperatures of at least 3000° F (1700° C).[2]

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