Quote1.png My Name is Pythagoras Dupree, I am the Sixth Smartest Man in the World. And I am going to kill you. Quote2.png
-- Pythagoras Dupree src


Pythagoras Dupree claimed to be the "6th Smartest Man in the World", and like Amadeus Cho, Dupree also had the mind of a hypercomputer. Dupree was a lonely, paranoid genius with plans to search the planet for other hyper-minds and eliminate them. Dupree created the Excello quiz, one of the toughest quizzes ever imagined.

This is how he found Amadeus Cho, a 15-year-old senior in high school. He competed in the online quiz sponsored by the Excello Soap Corporation. Cho won, getting awarded with five hundred thousand dollars, and Dupree was declared the "Seventh smartest Man in the World".[1]

Dupree then started his plans to eliminate the young prodigy. His plans began with the murder of Cho's parents and was to force a final confrontation with Cho.[2]

Dupree challenged Cho to a specialized form of Russian roulette, but Cho's intelligence gave him the ability to predict where the bullets were going and dodge accordingly, so the challenge was for Dupree to determine where he was going to dodge and shoot there instead, unless Cho could outthink him by two steps ahead. In the end, Dupree shot himself in the head, ending his threat.[3]


  • Hyper-Mind: Pythagoras Dupree's brain operates like a hyper-computer performing an infinite number of simultaneous calculations, which has been described as a "hypermind." This allows him to identify all the variables and quantum possibilities in any situation, and he uses this information to automatically adjust the outcome so it is the most optimal and favorable to him.[3]

Strength level

Strength of a normal man his age and size who engages in little to no exercise.


Paraplegic: Pythagoras Dupree is unable to walk due to unexplained circumstances.



  • Depree is name after the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.

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