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Qnax was a Xantarean from the planet Xantar who was a product of centuries of selective breeding to be the greatest warrior in the galaxy.[1] Qnax was sent on a mission to retrieve the Ultimate Machine from the Watcher on their home planet. The Hulk had been simultaneously sent by the Leader to retrieve the machine. The two fought by Q'Nax was defeated and sent back to his his home planet.[2]

Significantly more time had passed on Xantar than Qnax discovered and his planet had plunged into chaos. When Qnax questioned his leaders decision to send him across the cosmos on false pretenses, they permanently exiled him from Xantar.[3]

Taking on the alias of Amphibion, he was recruited by the Empress Daydra of the Sagittarians alongside Torgo and the Dark Crawler to deal with Abomination and the Galaxy Master. However, they were overwhelmed and defeated. The trio became the Hulk-Hunters and travelled to earth in order to recruit the Hulk to their mission. Upset by his previous defeat at the Hulk's hand, a battle ensued, but he was defeated again. The quartet faced the Galaxy Master and the Abomination but Amphibion was knocked unconscious by Abomination during the fight.[4]

Amphibion travelled the universe, learning humility and set out to again obtain the Ultimate Machine in an attempt to revoke his exile in order to reunite with his family. He sought the aid of the Hulk and attempted to return to the Watcher's world using a repaired transporter from the Leader. However, they were sent to the neighboring planet of the Bidoceros, who had been driven mad due to psionic feedback from Watcherworld. The Hulk initially attacked the Bidocerus, as he too was affected by the psionics, but was stopped by Amphibion. The pair travelled to Watcherworld and discovered the source was the anguish Xecu the Watcher felt for his deceased wife. They convinced the Watcher to allow them to have access to the Ultimate Machine and to move Watcherworld to restore the Bidoceros. Within the machine, Qnax learned the truth that he had been sent to obtain the machine not for order, but power. The Watcher sent Qnax back to Xantar, in order to be a true hero of his people.[5]


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Immensely strong and durable, Qnax is an amphibious reptilian, able to survive on land or under water and swim at great speeds. He has gills, webbed and taloned digits, and dense red scales.


He is highly-trained in armed and unarmed combat. He has experience with warp and interstellar flight technology.



Qnax occasionally uses spears and swords.

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