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Peter "Pete" Petruski is the friend of Cole Wittman, the son of The Wizard. He is a student at the same school as Franklin Richards and Jack Power. Along with his friend Cole, he mostly spends his time bullying other kids. However, when they decide to pick on Franklin Richards, Jack interferes and embarrasses the two in front of the whole school.

To get their revenge, Cole and Pete steal the weapons of Cole's father, the Wizard, to become the supervillains Deathmage and Quagmire. The two attack Jack and Franklin in the park. However, they soon find themselves in a fight with Power Pack (which freaks out Pete since he didn't expect having to fight superheroes), soon joined by the Fantastic Four (who had been tipped off by The Wizard when he discovered his gear had been stolen). The two are easily overpowered and disarmed.

Later, they run into Franklin Richards again, not realising however that at the time Franklins body was being possessed by Dr. Doom, who easily scared the two bullies off.

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