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After the Infinity Stones were given souls by Adam Warlock,[3] each of the gems sought a host. The Space Stone chose a man who became known as Quantum. He worked as an operative for the hive mind A.I. analyst the Assessor, who vowed to honor a contractual obligation to remove the Space Stone from his body, although they hadn't managed to identify it.[2]

When the Assessor was hired to analyze Spider-Man, he deployed Quantum to capture the young hero.[1] Quantum was later used by the Assessor during a scenario that simulated escape conditions for Miles, and was knocked out by his venom blast.[4] When Jefferson Davis and the Prowler raided the Assessor's base to rescue Miles, Quantum intervened and confronted them. However, when the Assessor's determined that they had completed their review of Spider-Man, they ordered Quantum to withdraw.[5]

After learning of what Miles had gone through, Iron Man investigated the Assessor and tracked down their new base of operations. Quantum was deployed to intercept Iron Man and bring him to the Assessor so they could analyze him. After Iron Man completed all of the Assessor's trials, he broke into the Assessor's command center, where Quantum attacked him. Pairing his armor with Quantum's teleport signature, Iron Man neutralized the operative's powers and knocked him out. Quantum later relocated to a different facility, where he reconvened with a backup of the Assessor.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Teleportation: Quantum possesses the ability to manipulate space, which is derived from the Space Stone lodged in his chest. He can instantaneously teleport himself and other people[1] and he can create portals that he uses to attack his targets by punching on kicking through them.[5]


Quantum Entanglement: When Iron Man confronted Quantum, he managed to pair his armor with Quantum's teleport signature for 180 seconds, a time during which Quantum's powers were rendered inert.[2]


  • Quantum is completely silent and appears to be unable to communicate.[2]

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