The Quarrn (or Quarrns) are natives of Quarrn, a parallel world presumably in Earth's solar system but in a different dimension, who travel between universes invading and conquering other parallel worlds. Their attempt to invade Earth-616 was called off when their scouting mission to establish the strength of the human race was met by the Hulk, and their ship suffered serious damage as a result. The Quarrn apparently believed that Bruce Banner/the Hulk was an average human and decided that any race which had such raging beasts locked inside them was too much trouble to conquer.[1]


Type of Government: Military Dictatorship
Level of Technology: Advanced
Cultural Traits: Aggressive, militaristic
Representatives: * Commander Voro

  • Krang
  • Garto
  • Erop


The Quarrn make their ships out of something called Krel metal which is apparently very dense, and seem to worship something called The Foobl.

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