Quarry's origin is unrevealed.

Approximately ninety years in the future, the Abomination had recently conquered the city-state of Dystopia after the death of the Maestro. As he raged at the failure of his agent Kaspin to locate and slay Janis Jones, Quarry appeared, introduced himself, and convinced the Abomination he needed to have human problems dealt with swiftly and efficiently or risk a threat to his newly obtained rule. The Abomination agreed, and gave Quarry three hours to capture Jones, or he would kill Quarry.[1]

Quarry secretly pursued Jones through the castle sewers while she plotted to travel back in time to recruit the Hulk to help her people. Jones reached the time machine and began to set the coordinates only to find that the machine program was already running. As she began to fade away, Quarry leaped at her to prevent her escape. Both vanished into the timestream.[2]

Quarry arrived in the modern era's Alaska plunging into a frigid lake. Unaffected by the wetness and cold, Quarry climbed out and started searching for the scent of his prey. But before he could start his hunt, he was knocked back into the lake by a mass of burning trees thrown by the unaware Hulk. After crawling out again, Quarry encountered the Hulk and after adjusting his speech to English, attacked the Hulk with a burst of flame from his hand and noted that the Hulk seemed familiar to him. When his attack didn't faze the Hulk, Quarry told him his business was and that he would not treat the Hulk as hostile if he did not interfere with his quest, and the Hulk just wandered off.

Quarry tracked Jones to a lodge where she was being held captive by trappers who believed she caused a forest fire. When Jones warned the others to get out or Quarry would kill them, the trappers attacked Quarry but were all killed when he used his Devastator. He then started attacking Jones but she escaped. One of the blasts hit Hulk but he didn't suffer any visible damage. When Quarry inspected the fallen Hulk, Hulk grabbed Quarry by the neck and punched him high into the air. The Hulk swiftly followed up, smashing an immense tree trunk into Quarry, but when he attacked again, Quarry unleashed a powerful flame blast from his palm that engulfed the Hulk and clung to him as if sentient. While the Hulk pulled himself up, Quarry mocked him.

It was at this point, however, that Quarry realized that he had misplaced his Devastator and that the Hulk had recovered it. As the Hulk blasted Quarry repeatedly, Quarry began to scream for mercy but wasn't given any. With Quarry apparently dead, the Hulk smashed the Devastator and left.[3]


Quarry was superhumanly strong (Class 25) and durable. He possessed enhanced senses. He could generate and project flame from hands and control the flame pyrokinetically.


He was a highly skilled hunter and tracker. He spoke an unidentified language, though he could either adapt to and speak other languages within seconds after encountering other beings.


Devastator: Could disintegrate flesh and bone on contact. Though tiny, it held numerous powerful charges.

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