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Quote1 The God Quarry. The rich soil of rotting deities from which all existence grows. The boundary between the orchard of all known realities and the First Firmament, the dark sea of infinite nothingness that came before. Quote2

The Quarry of Creation is a dimension beyond all space and time[9][6] that can be accessed through a black hole located at the edge of the universe.[5] Over time, it became a graveyard for gods,[5] and so the top sediment of the Quarry became known as the God Quarry.[11]

At the bottom lays a nigh-impenetrable barrier, which serves as a boundary between all realities and the First Firmament.[12][2] The barrier can be breached using the Infinity Stones.[13] This allows one to enter the primordial universe of the First Celestials,[14] who guard a deposit of Infinity Stones which they deliver to the Multiverse.[15]


Quarry of Creation from Infinity Wars Prime Vol 1 1 001

The Witches

Becoming the God Quarry[]

Over the course of a million millenia, the Quarry of Creation became a place where ancient gods went to die. It was guarded by the Cosmic Coven, a trio of powerful witches who fed on the souls of said gods.[9] As the corpses of gods accumulated, the Quarry of Creation became known as the God Quarry.[11] In modern times, the God Quarry became a sought-after source of powers. Those who entered the God Quarry willingly were submitted to a trial for their very soul. Should they pass, the power held by the Quarry was theirs to take; however, should they fail, they would be frozen for eternity in its ageless walls.[9]


Thanos Vol 2 9 Textless

Thanos at the God Quarry

In order to recover his lost power to defeat his son Thane, Thanos ventured into the God Quarry.[9] He was forced to experience an illusion where he was a member of the Avengers and a celebrated hero of Earth. Eventually realizing, that what he was experiencing wasn't real at all, Thanos rejected being trapped in the illusion and fought his way out of it, acquiring the power he sought.[16] During their subsequent fight, Thanos and Thane were sucked into the black hole that led to the God Quarry,[17] where the Phoenix Force was stripped from Thane by the Coven. Thanos defeated Thane, and condemned him to a life of misery trapped inside the God Quarry.[18]

Infinity Wars[]

As he was investigating the libary of Omnipotence City to find an explanation for his constant misery, Loki found that pages had been mysteriously torn from a book of a tale that involved him and the God Quarry.[11] Loki traveled to the God Quarry searching for answers, but The Coven self-combusted announcing the arrival of "Infinity's end." Afterwards, a counterpart of Loki from an adjacent universe was blasted through the barriers of reality into the God Quarry. Before returning to his universe, Loki's counterpart warned him that he would need the Infinity Stones to breach into the "original universe" through the Quarry of Creation.[13]

Quarry of Creation from Infinity Wars Vol 1 3 001

Gamora unearths the Quarry

Loki sought the wielder of the Infinity Stones, Gamora, and she learned of Loki's journey to the God Quarry by reading his mind. Intrigued by her inability to see past the bottom of the Quarry, Gamora set out to investigate it while she waited for Devondra to consume the souls of the entirety of the universe, which she had transformed into Warp World, a pocket dimension within the Soul Gem, where she also banished Loki.[19] Gamora managed to unearth the Quarry of Creation, but failed to destroy the impenetrable barrier below. Her attempts, however, caught the attention of the Council of Watchers.[20]

Celestials from Infinity Wars Vol 1 5 001

Loki finding Infinity Stones and Celestials below the Quarry

Assembling Warp World's own Infinity Stones, Loki escaped with the Cosmic Avengers and defeated Gamora. He used the stones to pass through the barrier, and arrived at the primordial universe.[21] He later returned disenchanted by his discovery of Celestials and handed over the Infinity Stones back to the Cosmic Avengers, who used it to leave the Quarry of Creation and return to Warp World.[22] Before he did, he had asked the Celestials to show him his future and saw a past version of himself entering the House of Ideas.[14]

Avengers Assemble[]

After the Loki of Earth-18201 woke up in the God Quarry once he commited suicide, the Quarry summoned Avengers from across the Multiverse to build an Avengers Tower. It became the base of operations for Loki, now called Avenger Prime, and his multiversal army of Deathloks and Avengers.[8][23]

Council of Red (Multiverse) from Avengers Assemble Alpha Vol 1 1 001

The Council of Red arriving at the God Quarry

When Avenger Prime travelled to Earth-616, he was captured by Mephisto and the Council of Red. They immediately launched a full assault on the Tower, seeking to claim the God Quarry for themselves.[12] As legions of Mephistos attacked, other Mephistos worked on excavation to reach the First Firmament beneath the Quarry.[2] Thanks to Old Man Phoenix, the Goddesses of Thunder, and countless Mjolnirs, the Mephistos were repelled and Avenger Prime was freed. However, Doom Supreme launched his own attack on the Quarry, seeking the same thing as the Mephistos.[1]

Quarry of Creation from Avengers Forever Vol 2 15 001

The God Quarry shatters

Avenger Prime summoned the Avengers of Earth-616 and they battled an army of Doom variants. Meanwhile, Mephisto of Earth-616 absorbed the Council of Red. With the boundary to the First Firmament severely weakened, he began pounding into it. The Avengers called for further enforcements from the Multiverse.[6][24] The ensuing battle shattered the God Quarry.[25]

With a hole to the First Firmament open, its power began to overflow. Doom Supreme attempted to tame a small portion of it, but was quickly overwhelmed when his dose was enlarged by Ant-Man. The Avengers attempted to seal the breach but none of their methods worked from the side of the Multiverse. Robbie Reyes sacrificed himself and sealed the breach from the First Firmament side, saving the Multiverse from annihilation.[26]

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  • Jeff Lemire took inspiration for the God Quarry from an event involving his son Gus, a fan of Greek mythology, who once dug a deep hole in his sandbox and called it the "God Quarry." Lemire wrote down the concept, and got to work it into Thanos four years later.[27]
  • The God Quarry is loosely similar to DC Comics' Source Wall, another cosmic boundary to secrets beyond the universe filled with the petrified remains of previous, god or godlike, visitors. That Thanos himself has deliberate similarities to Darkseid only strengthens the association.

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