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Quote1.png Behold ancient Eon, second eldest of the the Time Beings... the entity most responsible for my first ignominious defeat! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Eight Billion Year Funeral"

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  • Moondragon's ship
  • Mourners' cathedral/starship

Synopsis for "The Eight Billion Year Funeral"

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  • Thanos tells Mephisto that it was Eon who brought Drax the Destroyer into being. However, Drax was actually created by Kronos.
  • Quasar is wearing his new costume in this issue but in the Infinity Gauntlet series he is still wearing the old one.
  • On page 8, Thanos and Mephisto mention the "halving of the universe's population" as if it wase something that had already happened. However, on page 12, Eon's funeral takes place three days later without any indication that half of Earth's population has disappeared. Furthermore, on page 17, the Silver Surfer tells Her that half the population of the universe is "at risk of being destroyed," confirming that it hadn't occurred yet. So what's the deal with page 8?
  • A footnote in Quasar #30 establishes that, due to the events of Infinity Gauntlet #6, Quasar has no memory of meeting Thanos in this issue and Infinity Gauntlet #3. This suggests that the point to which Nebula reset the universe must have been before Thanos crashed Eon's funeral on page 14.

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