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Synopsis for "The Tomb of Mar-Vell"

Quasar checks in with the Starcore station about the odd and potentially dangerous solar activity they've been monitoring. They decline his offer of evacuation, but he makes sure they contact him immediately if things get worse. His next Avenger alert directs him to Mar-Vell's tomb, which has detected a break-in. He meets up with Starfox, also looking into the intrusion, and together they find and confront the Kree agents Doctor Minerva and Captain Atlas. The Kree are easily subdued, but then they're suddenly surrounded by what appears to be the entire Shi'ar Imperial Guard. In the ensuing battle, it's eventually revealed that most of the Shi'ar forces were illusions cast by Magique and the three that were actually there are defeated, but the fracas gives Minerva and Atlas the opportunity to find what they came for, Mar-Vell's Nega Bands. Captain Atlas dons the bands and clashes them together in hopes of harnessing their power, but only succeeds in swapping places with Rick Jones, who had been otherwise safe inside the Avengers West Coast compound.

Elsewhere, the Kree scientist Korath laments that the current government declined to fund his "Pursuer" cyber-genetic engineering project. Swearing to shake the Empire to its foundations, he subjects himself to the process to be reborn as Korath the Pursuer.


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