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  • Shi'ar starships

Synopsis for "Spatial Deliveries"

After taking care of Neutron and Starbolt in Earth's system, Quasar has Her stay behind to watch the stargate while he heads through it to pursue the rest of the Imperial Guard. He invades their ship and convinces them to hand over the prisoner Captain Atlas so as not to risk further damage to their vessel. Quasar also demands the Nega-Bands, but they've already been transported to the Shi'ar star system. With Epoch's help, Quasar tracks the Nega-Bands' location with Atlas in tow. Just as he's entering the Shi'ar system, he's stopped by Binary, who cryptically warns him not to interfere, lest it cost the Empire countless lives. Binary is soon joined by more members of the Imperial Guard, who attack and eject Quasar from their space while the Shi'ar on the world below prepares for launch. Separated from Quasar, Captain Atlas is taken prisoner again by the Shi'ar, but he doesn't spend long in his cell before being rescued by the sudden arrival of Shatterax.

Meanwhile, on Chandilar, the Avengers' Shi'ar delegation meets with Prime Minister Araki. Captain Marvel delivers their demands to keep Earth out of their conflict with the Kree. With extra threats from the short-fused Thor, Araki agrees to take their message to the Empress.


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