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  • Shi'ar starships

Synopsis for "The Scorched Sun"

A Skrull ship tows the Nega-Bomb through the stargate above Earth's sun. Quasar and Her fight the Super-Skrull in an attempt to stop it, but when Quasar notices the sun bubbling up with sunspots with the same energy signature as the bomb, he elects to let the Skrulls pass through the other stargate to get it out of the vicinity. He's about to go after them, but the reaction in the sun isn't stopping. With Epoch's help, they identify the cause of the sun's ailment as an infection of anti-matter. With few available options, Quasar asks Epoch and Her to go looking for more help while he risks himself by diving into the sun and shunting as much anti-matter as he can into the Quantum Zone. He isn't fast enough though, and he's soon joined in the sun by Binary, who came through the gate in pursuit of the Nega-Bomb but couldn't continue with her mission when she learned her solar system was in danger.

Tapping into the power of her white hole, Binary creates a larger vortex that sucks away the anti-matter at a much faster rate than Quasar's. In a short time, the sun is saved, though Binary is completely drained by the ordeal. Quasar finds her and pulls her out of the sun and takes her back to Avengers HQ for recovery. Leaving her in the care of Jarvis and Dr.Kincaid, and only just learning that she was once Ms.Marvel, Quasar heads back out to space to go after the Nega-Bomb.

Meanwhile, Kayla is attacked in her home by Angler, but she inadvertently knocks him out with the growing power she doesn't yet understand.


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