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Quote1.png I am protector of the universe too, Quasar -- I protect the universe from the chaotic blight of that aberration called life. Quote2.png

Appearing in "To Be or Not to Be"

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Synopsis for "To Be or Not to Be"

Quasar accepts Thanos' challenge to use the Ultimate Nullifier against the Magus. He creates a containment dome around himself while he learns about the device. Quasar contacts Epoch through his Quantum Bands. She tells him that there is a large collection of information in the Beta Scorpi system. She provides him with the coordinates, and Quasar teleports there.

Meanwhile, the Black Fleet attacks the planet Scadam. Holly reacts to Kayla's apparent death. She is then surprised to see Kayla's bones start to glow.

Quasar arrives at the planet Rus. Epoch emerges from his cape, and together they find an information directory. As Epoch accesses the computer to research the Ultimate Nullifer, Deathurge attacks.

In another galaxy, Makkari and Her meet with the Mourner cult. The Mourners locate another mourning site, intending to travel there and honor the dying people. Her criticizes them for standing by and allowing others to be killed.

On Rus, Deathurge fights Quasar. He tries to make the hero understand and accept that using the Ultimate Nullifier is suicidal.

Meanwhile, the Mourners arrive above Scadam. Her continues to condemn them for not intervening, and attacks the Black Fleet on her own. On the ground below, Kayla's body has come back to life and started to regrow.

Back at Rus, Quasar rejects Deathurge and maintains hope that he can use the Ultimate Nullifier without dying. He reconvenes with Epoch, and she asks to stay on the planet to continue learning. Quasar agrees, then teleports back to his containment dome.



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