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Quote1.png Can't let a single extraneous thought creep in... or the sphere of Ultimate Nullification will grow... and mushroom out of control! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Null and Void"

Quasar aims the Ultimate Nullfier at the Magus' fortress. He inadvertently nullifies himself and his Quantum-Bands.

Meanwhile, the Mourners and Makkari watch as Her attacks the Black Fleet. She tries to stop their invasion of Scadam, and changes her name to Kismet. On the planet's surface, Kayla's body continues to regenerate.

Quasar arrives in a colorless dimension. He believes it is part of the Dimension of Manifestations. There, he encounters Oblivion. The abstract entity summons Kid Reaper, Quasar's Death-Avatar, to fight for him.

On Galactus' Star Sphere, Thanos informs Earth's heroes that Quasar has been nullified instead of the Magus. Next, he mentally contacts Marvel Boy and sends him to Earth.

Quasar continues to fight Kid Reaper. He then tries to attack Oblivion directly.

Back on Scadam, Holly convinces Kayla to try using her powers to levitate. Kayla succeeds, then lifts Holly away. They witness a giant man battling against the Black fleet.

Quasar teleports to the Contemplator for help, but cannot interact with the Elder. He tries to convince Kid Reaper to stop fighting. However, the Death-Avatar stabs him through the back. Kid Reaper tries to claim the Quantum Bands for Oblivion but they disappear from his grasp, only to materialize in the physical universe next to a cosmic embryo.


  • This story is part of the Infinity War crossover. It takes place during Infinity War #5. That issue reveals that the Magus used the Infinity Gauntlet to make Quasar nullify himself.
  • The fact that Quasar was able to find the Contemplator within the colorless realm where he ended up after nullifying himself would seem to prove his suspicion that he was in the Dimension of Manifestations.

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