During World War II, Quebec City soon became home of Nazi spy Baron von Hartmann who operated out of the German consulate located there at the time. He attempted to steal Allied secrets that Prime Minister McKenzie King was sending to the United States. Although Hartmann succeeded in stealing the secrets, they were recovered by Captain America and Bucky who were vacationing in the area in their civilian guises of Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes[1].

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In the Age of Apocalypse reality, the mutant Apocalypse had taken all of North America. His religious sect the Madri constructed a church in Quebec City. When Apocalypse's forces captured the time displaced mutant known as Bishop he was taken to the Madri church where his mind was probed by the Shadow King[2]. However the X-Men eventually came to his rescue, with Quicksilver slaying the Madri's leader Jamie Madrox[3]. With the death of Apocalypse[4], North America was liberated and underwent reconstruction, likely Quebec City was restored to it's pre-Apocalypse glory[5].

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