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Shortly after the Avengers returned from Counter-Earth, the Avengers past and present were attacked by minions in the service of Morgan Le Fay. The Avengers pooled all their resources together and set out to attack Morgan, but they were ambushed and hit by a reality distortion wave. The wave caused the time period to be altered to a medieval setting altering the Avengers' clothing, speech patterns and thought processes. All of the Avengers involved in the attacks on Morgan’s troops believed themselves to be a part of the Queen’s (Morgan le Fay) elite guard known as the Queen’s Vengeance.

The Scarlet Witch was the only Avenger not allowed to roam free, because her powers canceled out Morgan’s and she couldn’t be brainwashed. The Scarlet Witch was kept in the dungeon, and while held captive reached out with her powers trying to contact any Avenger to come and help her. This nudged Captain America out of his trance. Realizing who he really was Cap set out to recruit other Avengers, and wake them up as well.

He began with Hawkeye and Hawkeye gathered the Wasp and Photon. Captain America tried to recruit Iron Man but he was too engrossed within the illusion. Confronted by the entire Queen's Vengeance, Cap and Hawkeye urged the others to resist and Quasar and Justice actually broke free of the spell. Morgan interrupted before any others could join them, and Thor (who had broken free on his own) joined the rebels. Together Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Wasp, Photon, Quasar, and Justice stood up to the rest of the Queen's Vengeance. Scarlet Witch managed to reincarnate Wonder Man who managed to turn the tide, and the Vision's body was destroyed in the process (the Vision managed to survive this attack though). Scarlet Witch with the combined willpower of all the awakened Avengers, pumped power into Wonder Man, shifting reality back to normal and defeating Morgan in the process.

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