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The Poison Queen is the queen of the Poisons and the leader of the Hive. She first appeared listening in to one of Poison Thanos and Poison Doctor Doom's conversations. To Doom she appeared as his mother, while to Thanos she appeared as Death. During their conversation, they implied that she had the ability to replace them if need be.[1]

She would later approach Poison Thanos and Poison Doctor Doom to see if they had captured the anomaly Kid Kaiju, to which they remarked that they had sent out a dispatch strike force to capture him.[2]

During the search for Anti-Venom, the Poison Queen remarked that the trackers placed in the symbiotes should allow them to find where they were hiding.[3]

While onboard their ship, shea dresses Poison Thanos, Poison Doctor Doom, Poison Carnage, and Poison Marvel Girl. While doing this, she disguised herself as Professor X to Poison Marvel Girl and as Carnage's various victims for Poison Carnage. She ordered that Poison Thanos locate Kid Kaiju, and that both Poison Doctor Doom and Poison Marvel Girl help her when their prey would inevitably attempt to attack her.[4]

During her final appearance, the Poison Queen appears in her true form with Poison Doctor Doom and Poison Marvel Girl by her side. Poison Doom announces that Earth will soon belong to the Hive, and that the Poison Queen wanted to finish off both Cyclops and Jean Grey personally. She tells Jean, whom had been resisting her control, that she knew all along that she was an anomaly. She tells Jean that the death of her friends will be the final phase of her consumption. Suddenly, Jean connected herself with Poison Marvel Girl, the Queen becoming angered at her resistance. Jean reveals that she was using the connection she had made to destroy the Hive, and so the Poison Queen demanded that Poison Doctor Doom help her. Before he could, he was restrained by Cyclops. Jean then manifested herself as a humanoid made of psionic energy and destroyed the Poison Queen.[5]



Aside from her standard abilities as a Poison, the Poison Queen possesses ultimate authority over both the Poisons and the Hive army.


The Poison Queen is a master manipulator, manipulated both Poison Thanos and Poison Doctor Doom by appearing to them as important people in their past lives.[1]

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