The Queen Mother of Britain in Earth-1193 wields enormous magical power which she uses in her governance of the realm. When she meets Excalibur, the conversation turns to her grandson, Prince William’s marriage proposal. Kitty Pryde turns it down gently, but the Queen mother informs her that she cannot refuse. As Kitty tells her that she is American, the Queen Mother uses her magic to teleport them both away so she can educate her in manners. She and her witches use their magic to try and transform Kitty into a princess, by transforming both her mind and body. As Excalibur burst in, they are followed by the police, but before the fight can really begin it is brought to a halt by the Queen Mother. As the transformed Kitty appears, wanting to marry Prince William, Rachel argues with the Queen Mother, but can’t object when she reads Kitty’s mind and finds she does want to marry William. [1]Later after Princess Katherine is arrested for trying to kill Kitty, Katherine admits to Kitty that she loves William, and William, though initially unsure, realises he does to, and tells the Queen Mother that he means to marry Katherine instead, which she accepts. The Queen smiles to herself, having sent William into Katherine’s territory so that they would meet and fall in love, as she wanted Katherine’s powerful magic in the family. [2]She then throws a ball, at which Excalibur are guests of honour, for the engagement of William and Katherine. [3]


  • White Magic

The Queen Mother is the alternate reality counterpart for Courtney Ross, Saturnyne, Sat-Yr-Nin, Sa'tneen, Anjulie and Satyr-Nun.

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