Quote1.png Queen Ursula.....One of the most beautiful women of all times, but beneath this mask of beauty beats a heart as cold and hard as steel. Through these long years she has remained in exile growing older, more vicious, but her captivating beauty never fading. Quote2.png
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Following a bloody conflict in which 15 million people died,[1] the people of Europe finally decided to put aside their need for conflict and strove for peace. One of the biggest instigators of the war had been Queen Ursula of the European principality Castile D'or, a beautiful but ruthless leader, who found herself exiled to an islet in the Atlantic following the conflict. In the years that passed, the Queen became bitter and vowed to get a revenge against the nations that forced her into exile.

In the late 1930s, with many of the government still loyal to her, they smuggled her back into Castile D'or when the opportunity to regain control of the country presented itself. After Queen Ursula took the control of her country, she schemed with her minister Josef an attack to the neighbouring country Attania, which had taken her richest colonies almost twenty years ago. However, they lacked a reason for war declaration. So they hired an assassin dressed as an Attanian soldier to kill the Castile D'or diplomat and she rallied her people to go to war against Attania.[2][3]

As the conflict continued to escalate, the Queen published propaganda papers rallying more public support to strike out at other nations. She hoped that this would be the first step in conquering the whole world.[4] Although American Perry Webb vowed to topple the Queen's regime, the downfall of her attempted takeover remains unrevealed. One source suggests that her own attempt to power was overshadowed by the beginning of World War II shortly after her invasion of Attania.[5]

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