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The Queen of Angels was the monarch of Heven.[2] She and the other Angels were paid by Odin to prevent Asgardians from going to Earth for dubious purposes.

The materialist nature of her species led the Angels to be paid by enemies of Asgard to help them. The Queen of Angels offered Odin to double cross her payers in exchange of a bigger reward. Odin was extremely disgusted by the Angels lack of honor, something the Queen felt was meaningless as she preferred material rewards, and refused the offer. This prompted her to declare war on Asgard.[3]

During a battle against Odin, Freyja and the Einherjar in Heven, the Queen of Angels snuck into Asgard and got hold of Odin's newborn, Aldrif. She showed herself in front of Odin and Freyja, and demanded they retreated or Aldrif was to die. Odin refused to surrender to blackmail, for which the Queen stabbed Aldrif in the heart. She then fled,[2] and left the presumably-dead baby to be disposed.[4] Odin later used his powers to cut Heven from the other Nine Realms and Yggdrasil.

Centuries later, the link between Heven and Midgard was reopened by Thor, who had received a vision which revealed to him the existence of Heven as a Tenth Realm and his sister. Loki accompanied him in the search for their sister.[2]

When he presented himself as an Asgardian, the Angels attacked Thor. Meanwhile, Loki confronted the Queen, who she didn't see as an enemy as he was a Frost Giant, former allies of the Angels.[5] The Queen told Loki the history between Heven and Asgard, and offered him to join the Angels. Meanwhile, Thor was defeated in battle by the returned Angela, and the Queen was suggested by Loki to keep him alive.[5]

Thor escaped from captivity and confronted the Angel Queen. The Queen's life was saved by Angela, who engaged the God of Thunder once more in battle. Their fight was interrupted by Odin, who had returned from his self-exile in Asgard. The All-Father recognized Angela as his daughter, and revealed Angela's true lineage. Time ago, the Angel tasked to dispose Aldrif's body found out the baby was alive and raised her as one of the Angels, under the name of Angela. Due to her services for the Angels, the Queen pardoned Angela her life but exiled her from Heven because to her lineage.[4]

The Angel Queen was later approached by Malekith the Accursed to join his Dark Council.[6] She agreed to join the Dark Council when Malekith promised to weaken the Angels' enemies, the Asgardians.[7] Malekith accomplished this by telling Mangog where the Asgardians lived, leading to the destruction of the Asgardians' home, Asgardia.[8]

During the War of the Realms, the Angel Queen and the Angels joined the Dark Council's invasion of Midgard.[9] The Angels took over the continent of Africa, renaming it New Heven.[10] When the Asgardians of the Galaxy led by Angela joined the resistance against the Angels, she decided to have herself transported to Heven by Skurge and his Bloodaxe and used the Naglfar Beacon to summon an army of undead gods to attack her former adoptive realm. This transgression drew away most of the Angels from Earth to defend their realm, where they met their end. The Queen of Angels angrily confronted Angela but was slain in battle. Before being decapitated by Angela, she requested her to become the new ruler of the remaining Angels. Angela would refuse to follow through with her wish, deciding instead to leave the Angels to fend for themselves as they had once forced her to do.[11]



Flight: Like all Angels, the Queen of Angels is capable of flight through the use of her wings.

Virtual Immortality: Angels are immortal and cannot die from old age. She has lived for untold eons and has retained her youth. Thor noted that they can spend eternity in prison.[12]





Flight via her wings.

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