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Spider-Man climbed the Queensboro bridge to safely drop off a bag that contained a bomb. [1] Later, as he was swinging over the Queensborough Bridge, halfway between Roosevelt Island and Manhattan, he was suddenly attacked by a blast of flame, and then a chunk of ice knocking him out and sending him falling to the water below.[2] He later found out he was attacked by Equinox, as confirmed by his mother Margay Sorenson: she tried to use the Thermic Stabilizer against him on the upper level roadway of the 59th Street Bridge, but the villain was too powerful for her to face on her own, and she was eventually rescued from harm by Spider-Man.[3]

After a fight with the Freak, Iron Man found himself immobilized on the bridge. Using a charge from a bystander's radio, he managed to get just enough energy to get up and moving again.[4]

Omega the Unknown saved a woman who had apparently jumped from the bridge.[5]

Some time later, a huge transport hauling nuclear material was robbed by Doctor Octopus while it was rumbling south across the Queensboro Bridge.[6]

Spider-Man fought Rocket Racer on top of the bridge, quoting the Simon and Garfunkel song.[7]

During Inferno, Martha Connors winded carefully through abandoned automobiles cluttering the 59th Street Bridge in her late model Sedan, journeying to Manhattan with her son Billy in search of Curtis Connors.[8]

Some time after, Spider-Man was seen swinging again over the 59th Street Bridge toward Queens.[9] Spidey was seen again leapfrogging his way across stalled traffic on 59th Street Bridge into Manhattan.[10]

During Onslaught, the 59th Street Bridge was roadblocked by the Sentinels.[11] Following the Avengers' return after Onslaught, the 59th Street Bridge was assaulted by the Protectorate, until the robot were disabled by Jarvis.[12]

On his way to Fifth Avenue, Spider-Man approached to the Queensboro Bridge on a New York City taxi inbound to Manhattan from the airport.[13]

When Francis Klum broke the Black Cat out of Ryker's Island, he teleported both atop the Queensboro Bridge, and then also Felicia's costume to her, explaining his history. He reacted violently to her suggestion that he turn himself in, insisting that she had no idea what he'd gone through. She told him that she'd been raped, too.[14] Felicia told Francis about how she'd been sexually assaulted in college, and again urged him to turn himself in. Before he could answer, Daredevil grabbed the Black Cat and Spider-Man began pummeling Francis. Francis teleported the Black Cat's mask into Spider-Man's chest, and teleported a gun from his apartment to his hand. Blaming Felicia for summoning her friends, he fired the gun at her, only for Spider-Man to jam it with webbing, making it explode in his hand. Francis toppled off the side of the bridge and teleported away.[15]

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