Quote1 Don't you forget who the original Mysterio was! Quote2
-- Quentin src

Quentin was a stage magician expert in hologram technology, but he was selfish and greedy, therefore he wanted more power. To accomplish this, he made a deal with Dormammu, so a spherical helmet was created, one that allowed Quentin's illusions to become real.

After that, he became a costumed villain, going by the name Mysterio. One night, while battling Spider-Man, he fell off the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man tried to retrieve the body, but only his helmet was left behind.

Some time later, his daughter deceived Spider-Man into letting her enter the Sanctum Sanctorum, so that she could retrieved the Mysterio helmet, only to find that her father had been alive all that time, imprisoned in his helmet due to Dormammu's spell. With the help of Spider-Man and Moon Knight, they both were able to escape the helmet's illusion and be a family again.[1]


Telekinesis: Quentin can psionically cause objects to move or hover.


Seemingly those of the Quentin Beck of Earth-616.

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