Quentin Beck (Earth-Z) Zombification


Mysterio, along with the other members of the Sinister Six, was hired by the Kingpin to steal a sacred tablet from the college that Peter Parker attended. However, when Peter ran away to change into his Spider-Man costume, a zombie version of Spider-Man, who was transported to their world, took his place and battled the Sinister Six. Mysterio used illusions to create doppelgangers in order to deceive Zombie Spider-Man, however, Spider-Man "Zombie-senses" tingled, apparently detecting the presence of human flesh, and Spider-Man then pulled parts of Mysterio's brain out of his glass dome and Mysterio was then zombified. He and the other members of the zombified Sinister Six, except for Sandman, who fled during the battle, killed and ate Spider-Man's friends. They were then killed by Zombie Spider-Man in retaliation.[1]


Seemingly those of the Quentin Beck of Earth-616.

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