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Quote1.png Don't be afraid. I'm here to help. I am Mysterio! And I am putting Spider-Man on notice! There's no place where you'll be able to hide! And nowhere you can run! Quote2.png


Quentin Beck worked for Wonder Studios as part of a special effects crew. They tried to produce a car chase for a movie, filming a scene of sequential explosions on the Brooklyn Bridge. However, a helicopter was accidentally damaged and crashed, and the crew had also hidden a mortar without a permit. Spider-Man arrived at the scene and webbed up Beck. Beck was sentenced to a year in jail for his part in the incident, and swore revenge on the wall-crawler.[1]

After his release, Beck planned his revenge on Spider-Man for several months, creating effective carbon copys of Spider-Man and illusions to use to frame him. He managed to successfully damage the hero' reputation, but he was stopped by Spider-Man and Lt. Terri Lee, and put in prison once again.[1]

Later, he became a member of the Insidious Six after being broken out of prison by the Kingpin,[2] but the entire team failed to destroy Spider-Man and disbanded to avoid arrest.[3]

Mysterio created a studio in secret. Beck was in love with a woman named Miranda Wilson, a former actress who was disfigured. He planned to swap bodies with the similar-looking Mary Jane Watson. He kidnapped Mary Jane's clone. Spider-Man teamed up with Mysterio, battling robot versions of super-villains he'd fought in the past, which Mysterio had planned to one day use to lure Spider-Man to his destruction. The studio exploded, Spider-Man saved Mary Jane, but Quentin and Miranda apparently died in the explosion.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Quentin Beck of Earth-616.



Seemingly those of the Quentin Beck of Earth-616:

  • Holocubes: Holocubes are small cube-shaped projectors that project life-like 3-Dimensional images around the surrounding area. There are a variety of versions, from making look like a roof is collapsing, to making it seem as if the target has been teleported to a jungle. They activate from pressed, whether from being squeezed, to being stepped on.


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