Quote1 Ahhh, yes! Power! This is what real power feels like! No more parlor tricks and sleight of hand! Mysterio is now the master of real magic! Quote2
-- Mysterio src

One night, Mysterio attempted to steal the Tablet of Order and Chaos, but was caught by Spider-Man. During the scuffle, Spider-Man broke the tablet and Mysterio escaped with a piece of it. He would find out that the fragment gave him the power to make his illusions real.

He tracked down Spider-Man and kidnapped his ally, Madame Web, and demanded the rest of the tablet or he'd kill her. Spider-Man tried to avoid giving the fragment, but it reassembled itself in Mysterio's hands. He began to change Earth-TRN579 into his image, but Madame Web was able to teleport the other three Spider-Men, from the realities which the other fragments fell, to Earth-TRN579 and they defeated Mysterio.[1]


  • Illusion Conjuring: Mysterio is an incredible stage magician, using special effects, advanced magic tricks, hallucinogens, sleight of hand, hypnosis and holograms to mimic the effects of real magic.
  • Master Showmanship: Mysterio is a masterful showman, making his performances seem more dramatic, thus making his illusions seem like real magic due to his theatricality.


Seemingly those of the Quentin Beck of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Quentin Beck of Earth-616.

  • Initally, the character design for Mysterio was originally to be used for the cancelled Spider-Man: Web of Shadows sequel called "Spider-Man: Classic" as one of It's antagonists including Carnage to appear in the game shown in the concept arts, but after It's cancellation, Beenox re-purposed the design for this version of Mysterio instead.

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