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Quentin Ford

Not much is known about the past life of Quentin Ford. In 1947 his wealthy uncle Joshua had passed away. Obsessed with ancient Egypt, Joshua had a tomb for himself inspired by the tombs of Egypt complete with mummies, traps, and secret passageways. He had his entire fortune hidden in the tomb. His will stipulated that his three surviving relatives: Quentin, Doris and Gaylord, all had to try and find the fortune in the tomb. In order to try and obtain the fortune himself, Quentin attempted to eliminate his relatives.

He pretended to be too frightened to look for the money and left Gaylord and Doris (who obtained the aid of Captain America and Bucky to assist her). Quentin then dressed up in rags and called himself the Howling Mummy, attacking those in the tomb searching for the money. He first captured Gaylord, tying him up and placing him in a sarcophagus. He then attempted to attack Doris, Captain America and Bucky. First trying to choke Bucky to death, the Howling Mummy was chased away by Captain America. He then later tried to crush Doris with a stone block, and trap the trio in a trap room. However, all these attempts failed and when the three searchers wound up back in the main crypt and discovered Gaylord, the Howling Mummy attempted to shoot them.

Captain America blocked the shots with his shield and knocked out the Mummy with a single punch. The blow caused Quentin to smash through another sarcophagus revealing the fortune. Quentin was then unmasked and turned over to the authorities while Doris and Gaylord split the fortune between themselves.[1]

Quentin's subsequent fate is unknown.




Quentin carried a pistol.

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