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Quentin Palone was a detective sergeant in the NYPD who tried to arrest Spider-Man for a series of murders. It was later revealed that he was the ringleader of a small group of cops that were trying to frame Spider-Man and smear his reputation with these murders by planting Spider-Tracers on victims from unsolvable murders. He was also responsible for The Bookie's death who had figured out the connection between the Spider-Tracer killings. After his subordinate Vin Gonzales was forced to tell the truth to Carlie Cooper after she found his collection of Spider-Tracers, Palone had Vin imprisoned, and Carlie placed under arrest on false charges of aiding and abetting the killer. With Spider-Man's help, Vin escaped and arrested Palone before he could finish destroying the evidence. Palone tried to talk him out of it since both their careers and the careers of the other officers involved would be over if their conspiracy got out, but Vin ignored him.[citation needed]

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