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Synopsis for "Anon No More!"

The Siege of Wundagore, part 2

Quicksilver returns to the Haven to find the Heroes devolved into subhuman wreaking havoc while the White Tiger lies injured on the ground. Quicksilver tends to the Tiger who calls out "Traitor!" before passing out again. Her moans attract the attention of Iron Fist who seeks to protect his team mate even in his subhuman state. Quicksilver races away, carrying Tiger, to Oracle Inc to see to her medical needs and discover what happened to the Knights and the High Evolutionary (whom Quicksilver believes to be mentally as well as physically unstable).

The Knights are flying towards Wundagore and the Evolutionary and the mysterious Lord Anon discuss the matters at hand. The Evolutionary momentarily doubts their plan to attack but Anon re-affirms his faith. The Evolutionary questions his decision to use Isotope E on the Heroes, and is unsure of the lasting effects of the Isotope. Lord Anon claims that the only reason White Tiger attacked him is that he was evolved from a wolf, which the Man-Beast (the being she was created to destroy) was also evolved from. Lord Anon once again re-affirms the Evolutionary's faith, as well as assuring him he'll receive his just reward for all his actions.

At the Citadel of Science on Wundagore Mountain, Acolyte Amelia Voght seeks out her leader, Exodus only to find him in the caves beneath the Citadel. Exodus senses a great dormant power and considers the results of awakening it. Voght reports that the Genoshan mutates have been "dispatched" and that they have located Isotope E in upstate New York. Exodus orders the Acolytes to attack, acquire the Isotope, kill the Evolutionary and his Knights and capture Quicksilver. At Oracle Inc, Dr Foster is attending to the White Tiger and Jim Hammond dispatches She-Hulk and Thena to assist the Heroes. Quicksilver will race ahead.

At the Haven, the devolved Heroes are shocked to see the Acolytes teleport in and attack. The Acolytes mistaken the Heroes for the work of the High Evolutionary and attack them. Quicksilver arrives and battles the disciples of his father's teachings while the Knights recover. The Acolytes are ready to do battle but Amelia Voght points out that another battle is pointless. Cage gives away that the Knights and Evolutionary, along with Isotope E, are on their way to Wundagore Mountain. The Acolytes teleport away, returning to Wundagore.

At the base of Wundagore, in an armory, the Knights prepare for the coming battle. The Evolutionary orders Bova to prepare the infirmary for the casualties that are to come. While the Knights prepare the Evolutionary goes to bathe himself in Isotope E to restore his strength. Lord Anon follows him. In the infirmary, Bova discovers the body of a humanoid wolf wearing Lord Anon's colors. Bova reveals that the Evolutionary had created a New Man from a wolf but felt the others would not trust him since the last wolf became the villain known as the Man-Beast and hid his identity in the guise of Lord Anon. Sir Ram realizes the body of the real Lord Anon has been dead for a long time, meaning the Lord Anon they knew is an impostor. They dash to their lord's sanctum to find he has fallen to the Man-Beast!



  • The front cover states this issue is part 2 of 5, but the inside credits state it is part 2 of 4. The actual Siege of Wundagore event is 5 total parts.

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