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Synopsis for "Heir of Magneto"

Siege of Wundagore, Part Four

Quicksilver is shackled in the dungeon deep below the Citadel of Science. He was knocked unconscious and missed the battle between the Heroes and the combined forces of the Wundagore Knights and the Acolytes but easily surmises that it didn't go well. He is visited by a mysterious stranger he has met once before who has taken care of his guards. He pushes Quicksilver to explore his untapped potential, remembering that he is the son of Magneto, and Quicksilver does it. His manacles explode away from him. His mysterious benefactor disappears and Pietro does some quick reconnaissance. He finds that both Exodus and Man-Beast are using the captive Heroes as bargaining chips. The Acolyte Fabian Cortez is also trying to cut a bargain, but with Thena, offering the Heroes safety if they ally themselves with him against Exodus and the Man-Beast. Quicksilver reveals himself to Thena who then buys him time to act by keeping Cortez distracted. Quicksilver meets up with the Knights who are debating their course of action, but feel obligated to obey the Man-Beast as he is holding the High Evolutionary captive. However, Pietro has been through the entire citadel and found no trace of him. Man-Beast has used the Knights' blind devotion and loyalty against them.

In the caves beneath the Citadel of Science, Bova tends to the injured Evolutionary.

The Man-Beast is experimenting on Isotope E when Quicksilver steals it from behind his back. Man-Beast screams out loud for Sir Ram, which attracts Exodus' attention. Exodus and Man-Beast then negotiate a deal; Man-Beast will stay out of the way on Wundagore Mountain while the mutants can do whatever they wish with the rest of the world and they will both use Isotope E to rid the world of super-heroes.

Quicksilver has freed the Heroes and suggests they attack Exodus and the Acolytes. White Tiger goes off on her own to hunt Man-Beast and the Heroes set out with the element of surprise on their hand.

Acolyte Amelia Voght is having secret communications with an unknown individual who orders her to protect Pietro's life by any means necessary. She is interrupted with the news that Pietro has escaped and sounds the alarm.

The Acolytes converge and discover that the Knights are missing, and the Heroes released when they are attacked by Quicksilver and the Heroes. Exodus and Thena battle with their mutual psionic abilities but Voght dissipates the air around her, making her pass out. She-Hulk knocks Exodus down while he's distracted and Quicksilver, Isotope E in hand, stands over him. The Acolytes rally and the fight looks to begin again.

The Knights have found Bova and the Evolutionary and are forced to move him towards medical facilities and a more defendable position, but the Man-Beast has already found them.

In the Citadel, the battle rages. Projector, a new Acolyte, is able to capture Quicksilver in his force field and Exodus orders him to crush Pietro, but he passes out. Exodus blames Thena, but Voght, who rushes to aid Projector, is the true cause of trouble, having vowed to protect Pietro. Quicksilver saves Iron Fist from Decay, who saps people's life forces, only to turn and find the Heroes devolving again.

Lady Ursula attacks Man-Beast, but he uses his mental powers to take over her mind. He orders her to turn and shoot her fellow Knights. She fights him and takes her own life rather than those of her comrades. Man-Beast revels in his power and is attacked by White Tiger.

The battle between the Heroes and Acolytes is going badly, with the majority of the heroes devolved. Quicksilver turns the Isotope E on himself, gaining great power.

White Tiger and Man-Beast battle and the Knights approach to offer help but Bova warns them back. White Tiger has immunity to the villain's psionic powers. Bova leaves to get Pietro and as soon as she is gone the Evolutionary begins to burn up with power and appears to lose his sanity. An explosion rips through the cave.

Quicksilver, now "powered up," attacks the Kleinstock Brothers, knocking them apart. He challenges the Acolytes who dare not face him. Pietro, mad with power, asks for the Acolytes' loyalty. Exodus and Quicksilver battle for leadership of the Acolytes. Pietro taunts Exodus into releasing all his energy into one blast, which knocks everyone down (and would have killed them, but Thena protected them). Quicksilver, however, was miles away and knocks Exodus out. The Acolytes bow before him, and he plans to lead them to a time of new peace. Suddenly, the High Evolutionary, now giant-size, and his Knights break through the wall, and he has every intention of destroying any in his way as he, too, is mad with power.


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