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The Quiet Council of Krakoa

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The Quiet Council of Krakoa

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Group of mutants that serve as the government on Krakoa.

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The Quiet Council of Krakoa was the twelve-member governing body tasked with creating and enforcing the laws of the nation-state upon Krakoa. [1]

Council Structure

The Council itself was divided up into four sections named after the seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each section consisted of three members and (unofficially) represented a different section or hierarchy of mutant society.[2]

Autumn consisted of Charles Xavier, Magneto, and Apocalypse, representing the three largest traditional and historical heads of mutantdom. All three had complicated histories with one another due to their varying philosophies on life and human-mutant relations.[2]

Winter consisted of Exodus, Mister Sinister, and Mystique, representing the more zealous, criminal, and/or morally ambiguous elements of mutant society. Exodus did not particularly like Sinister, threatening Sinister with harm if he spoke to him again.[2]

Spring consisted of Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, and a yet to be determined Red King, representing the Hellfire Club's interests and the more well-to-do mutants. Frost wielded more clout over the other two members of her section, as without her they would not have seats on the council.[2]

Summer consisted of Jean Grey, Storm, and Nightcrawler, representing the more empathetic, level-headed, and just members of the X-Men and other factions.[2]

A fifth and separate section of the council consisted of Cypher and Krakoa, representing the interests of the entity itself and the needs of the nation as a whole.[2]

First Meeting

The Council's first meeting as a governing body consisted of two objectives: 1) draft a set of initial governing rules for Krakoa and 2) determine the fate of mutant criminal and psychopath Sabretooth.

After much discussion and deliberation, often revolving around the complication of mutants such as Sabretooth, the Council decided upon three basic tenets for the fledgling nation: 1) Murder no man or mutant; 2) Respect the sacred land of Krakoa; and 3) Make more mutants (via reproduction).

Due to Creed's violent nature, repeated and longtime disregard for life and following orders, and the fledgling status of Krakoa as a democratic nation, the Council voted to exile Sabretooth to the unseen depths of the island. As a mutant he no longer fell under the jurisdiction of humanity and therefore could not be released back into the outside world, but neither could he be executed as his death would undermine the Council and Krakoa's legitimacy as well as make him eligible for "resurrection protocols". Longterm, traditional imprisonment within Krakoa was also not an option as prisons were forbidden. His exile therefore would leave him in a stasis-like condition, "alive but immobile...aware but unable to act upon it", the best alternative given all of the factors. [2]

After the end of the meeting, the Council members joined in the celebration taking place upon the island, commemorating the recognition of Krakoa as a sovereign nation under the United Nations.[2][3]

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