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The Quiet Council of Krakoa is the governing body tasked with creating and enforcing the laws of the nation-state upon Krakoa.[1]


The Quiet Council of Krakoa was designed by Magneto, Professor Xavier and Moira MacTaggert to be the governing body of Krakoa. In order to achieve their goal of a united mutant nation, Xavier and Magneto made deals with several powerful and influential mutants, offering them a seat at the council in exchange for their loyalty and co-operation.

First Meeting

The council's inaugural meeting was for drafting and implementing a set of initial laws for Krakoa. After much discussion, revolving around the complication of violent mutants such as Sabretooth, the council decided upon three basic laws for the fledgling nation: 1) Make more mutants; 2) Murder no man; 3) Respect the sacred land of Krakoa.[2]

Having just broken the second rule, and due to his violent nature, repeated and longtime disregard for life, and resistance to following orders, the council voted to exile Sabretooth to the unseen depths of Krakoa where he would be left in a stasis-like condition; he could not be executed as his death would violate their new laws as well as make him eligible for the "resurrection protocols", and he could not be released back into the outside world because mutants no longer fell under the jurisdiction of humanity.[2]

After the end of the meeting, the council joined the celebrations taking place on the island as a result of the recognition of Krakoa as a sovereign nation by the United Nations.[2]

Dawn of X

Kate Pryde accepted the role of the Red Queen of the Hellfire Trading Company and was assigned the final undetermined seat in the Quiet Council of Krakoa.[3][4]

The council also approved the successful reformation of X-Factor, the Hellions, X-Force, and S.W.O.R.D.[5][6][7][8]

The council made the controversial decision not to resurrect Madelyne Pryor due to her being a clone of Jean Grey and therefore not considered a separate individual.[9] The Five later petitioned them to change this ruling after the death and unsanctioned resurrection of fellow clone Gabby Kinney.[10] Emma Frost later convinced them to officially overturn their decision not to resurrect Madelyn as a favor to Havoc after her Hellions mole Empath used him to destroy a clone lab containing Psylocke's deceased daughter's mind.[11]

X of Swords

The council was shocked to learn that Apocalypse had gone behind their backs to construct a gateway to Otherworld, that now threatened to be overrun by an invincible army of demons from the hell-dimension Amenth.[12] The council were unable to destroy the gate, as Krakoa refused to give its permission. Apocalypse made moves to deal with the threat, but did so without the sanction of the council.[12]

Following a clash with the forces of Arakko, a lost mutant nation now enslaved by Amenth, Saturnyne brokered a truce and arranged a tournament to settle the conflict. The Council dispatched Mr. Sinister and his Hellions on a mission to Arakko, hoping to avert the coming war by stealing the weapons of the Arakki swordbearers, forcing them to forfeit the tournament. The mission was a failure, in no small part due to Sinister's ulterior motives in departing for Arakko.[13]

The Council lost its first member when Jean Grey resigned to co-lead the X-Men into Otherworld to save her son and try to win the conflict. The X-Men and the Swordbearers of Krakoa were successful in winning the day, but the Council lost another member when • --|A|-- • chose to stay in Amenth with his wife in exchange for the freedom of Arakko, which was moved to Earth.[13][14]

Planet Arakko

In an effort to address various complications caused by Arakko's presence on Earth, the council, receiving support from their counterparts in the Great Ring of Arakko, approved a move of the island and its inhabitants to Mars, which would be terraformed and declared the capital of the Sol system, giving mutantkind an upper hand in negotiations with alien civilizations. Three of the Council's members, Exodus, Magneto, and Storm, participated in the project, which was successful.[15]

The Council also made moves to fill the two vacant seats. Jean was offered to return to her seat, and Cyclops was offered to take Apocalypse's place, but the pair refused, preferring to officially reform and lead the X-Men, an endeavor they believed needed to be separate from the Quiet Council.[16] Namor was also offered a seat, but refused it, believing Krakoa had nothing to offer him.[17]


After consulting with Moira, Magneto and Professor X were urged to remove Mystique from her position of power in order to prevent her from resurrecting Destiny. A meeting was arranged to discuss changes in the council, but Mystique instead proposed a candidate for one of the vacant seats: Destiny, whom she had resurrected in secret.[18] Destiny was voted in 6 to 4 due to Mystique having gone behind Xavier and Magneto's backs and procuring the votes of Exodus, Sinister, Shaw, and Emma, quickly putting a damper on their plans to remove Mystique. In order to take back control Moira, Xavier and Magneto brought Emma Frost into their cabal and nominated Colossus to fill Jean's seat. He was voted in 7 to 3.[19]

The trios plot backfired, as Emma, upset that the two of them had kept her in the dark for so long, shared Moira's true nature with Mystique and Destiny. After Magneto and Xavier were killed in battle against Nimrod and Omega Sentinel, Emma Frost shared the secret of their collaboration with Moira with the rest of the council as well before resurrecting them.[20]

Destiny of X

Following the events surrounding Moira's disappearance and eventual betrayal, Magneto chose to step down from the council and retire to Arakko. The council began searching for candidates to replace him. Many mutants, such as Angel, Beast, Abigail Brand and Vulcan appeared before the council to make their case as Magneto's replacement. Council members also reached out individually to potential candidates, such as Namor or Sobunar of the Depths only to be rejected.[21]

Finally, two candidates emerged as the favorites; Selene and Hope Summers. Selene argued that the council had failed to replace Apocalypse, and that her immense powers, experience with immortality, and intimate knowledge of magic would be vital for Krakoa. She also threatened to disrupt the External Gate to Arakko, constructed with her fellow Externals' bones, if she was not selected. Hope on the other hand all but demanded a seat on the grounds that since the Five were central to Krakoa, they needed a voice on the council, stating that not granting her a seat would be massively unpopular with the Krakoan populace, which practically worshipped them. The council voted 6-5 on accepting Hope's candidacy immediately, granting her the seat.[21]

A vengeful Selene proceeded to make good on her promise, and resurrected the External Gate as a monster, which attacked the council members.[21]

Council Structure

The Council itself is divided up into four sections of three seats:


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