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Quote1.png When last we met, you helped save my life, Captain! A pity I cannot return the favor! Quote2.png


Early Life

Quincy McIver was born on a Caribbean island. He became a quadruple amputee when he lost his arms and legs in a boating accident while trying to evade the police underwater.[2]


Shortly later, the Roxxon Oil Company equipped him with bionic arms and a snake-like tail in the place of the lower half of his body. He took the name "Bushmaster" from his fallen brother, the first Bushmaster.[2]

Serpent Society

Years later, Sidewinder enlisted Bushmaster to join the criminal trade union known as the Serpent Society.[3] Bushmaster was grateful for the unity and the steady employment. After all, he considered himself to be a freak, and the Society was his best chance in life. In fact, he made a friend in Diamondback, a fellow Society member.[4] On his first mission with the Serpent Society, he was hired by A.I.M. to hunt down M.O.D.O.K.. M.O.D.O.K. severed Bushmaster's artificial appendages, and Diamondback saved Bushmaster's life. He soon received new bionic arms.[5][6][7]


After the Viper took over the Society, Bushmaster remained loyal to Sidewinder. He was poisoned by the Viper, but was saved by Captain America and Diamondback.[8][9] He then participated in the Serpent Society's mission to recover mystic objects for Ghaur and Llyra. He withdrew from combat against the X-Men to repay his debt to Diamondback.[10]He was with the Society when Cobra went for revenge against Mister Hyde.[11]

Sidewinder, disillusioned by the betrayals of some of the Serpents, had turned over control of the guild to the Cobra, and Bushmaster served him next. At Diamondback's trial, Bushmaster voted to spare her life from a death sentence.[12] After the trial, Bushmaster fought Diamondback, and next, Captain America and Paladin.[13] He was finally taken into custody.[14] He was later released from the Vault.[2] The Serpent Society battled Cap again.[15] and then was taken out at Yankee Stadium.[16]

Civil War

During the superhuman Civil War, Quincy McIver, like many other villains, was apprehended by Baron Zemo and forced to join Thunderbolts. He briefly appeared along with fellow Serpent Society members King Cobra and Rattler.[17]

Kraven's Zoo

Alyosha Kravinoff began collecting a zoo of animal-themed superhumans, including Gargoyle, Tiger Shark, Kangaroo, Aragorn, Vulture, Mongoose, Man-Bull, Dragon Man, Swarm, Mandrill, Grizzly, Leap-Frog, and Rhino.[18] Bushmaster was apparently killed by Kraven and left face down in the water aboard the sinking ship. In the end, the Punisher managed to sabotage this zoo; though Kraven himself escaped to the Savage Land.[19]

New Avengers

Later, several Serpent Society members including Bushmaster, fought members of the New Avengers in a semi-tropical locale. He was defeated by Ronin and Luke Cage.[20]


Bushmaster and the Serpent Society are one of the many villains the X-Men took down while protecting San Francisco. They were robbing a bank until their defeat by Hope Summers.[21][22]

Nick Fury, Jr.

Bushmaster and his team try to take out Sergeant Marcus Johnson aka Nick Fury, Jr.[21]

Villains for Hire

Purple Man tried to form a new criminal empire with the help of Bushmaster, Headhunter, Avalanche, Shocker, Death-Stalker, and Scourge.[23]


Bushmaster and the Serpent Society were at the Club With No Name when Gambit was on the hunt of a fellow thief.[24]


Bushmaster was among several animal-themed super villains captured by Taskmaster and Black Ant to serve as hunting targets in Central Park for a host of wealthy participants controlling robotic drones, part of a plot concocted by Kraven the Hunter and Arcade.[25]

When the force field keeping the criminals inside Central Park dissipated, several super heroes ambushed and apprehended Bushmaster and the other escaped villains.[26]

Criminal Technology Show Expo

Bushmaster, with several other members of the Serpent Society, attended the Criminal Technology Show Expo. Bushmaster and his teammates went to the restroom where they were ambushed by M.O.D.O.K. and nearly beaten to death. Iron Man, working with M.O.D.O.K., suggested they hide the villains before they regain consciousness. King Cobra later discovered them and alerted the rest of the super villains to M.O.D.O.K.'s and Iron Man's presence.[27]


Power Grid[34]
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  • Cybernetically Enhanced: Bushmaster is a quadriplegic who has bionic arms attached to his shoulders and a 14-foot long snake-like tail instead of legs. He can also move at increased speeds and spring up to 30 feet away (or 2 stories straight up). If using his tail in wrestling combat, Bushmaster can fatally constricting his opponent.[28]
    • Bionic arms: Bushmaster's bionic arms are equipped with 8" metallic fangs and are tipped with snake venom. His bionic arms are relatively easy to reattach, as they have been severed in the past.[29]
    • Cybernetic Tail: Bushmaster's 14-foot long, cybernetic tail allows him to move at 40 mph, leap at least 18 feet from a coiled start, and crush steel pipes up to 6 inches thick.

Additional Attributes

  • Bushmaster is a quadriplegic by accident and he has adapted well to his misfortune. He is still bitter over his condition, and takes out his frustration by committing violent crime. Given the chance to become part of a group, Bushmaster was grateful to Sidewinder and remained loyal to him under pain of death when the Society was overrun by the Viper.[30]



  • Fang Blades: Blades that resemble fangs extend from his hands. They contain snake venom.[31]



  • In Dragon magazine #105, Cottonmouth's name is stated to be Quincy McIver, and Bushmaster's name has not been revealed. This is a typo. Bushmaster's name is Quincy McIver. Cottonmouth's name, which had not been revealed when Dragon #105 (January, 1986), is Burchell Clemens.


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