Quote1 To save one life is to save the universe. Today, you saved three souls, Drax. Quote2
-- Quinon src

Quinon was of a race of aliens living in a forest planet infected by the Ultron Virus. Ultron's infection miraculously gifted them telepathic abilities, which in turn allowed them to dismiss Ultron's will over them. When a crew of Nova corpsmen who also happened to be Fraternity of Raptors double-agents traveled to Quinon's planet to cleanse the infection, Quinon and her kids were subdued after most of her people were killed.

Drax happened to arrive to the planet to check on the Nova squad when they were about to kill Quinon and her children despite their pleas for mercy. Drax stopped Commander Xian from killing them, and in return she used her telepathic abilities to inconspicuously communicate with him and disclose that Xian was a spy. After Drax arrested Xian and his partners, he gifted Xian's spaceship to Quinon so she and her kids could find refuge.[1]


Ultron Virus: Quinon was infected by the Ultron Virus, and gained the following abilities:

  • Telepathy: Somehow, when the Ultron Virus entered in contact with beings of Quinon's species, it gifted them telepathic abilities. These powers in turn gave them the ability to dismiss Ultron's will over them.[1]

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