Little is known about this Quentin Quire, aside from the fact that he is a version of Kid Omega in possession of the Phoenix Force. As a Phoenix Avatar, Quire advises Jean Grey, who does not recognise him, on how to save the universe using her status as the White Phoenix of the Crown. Afterward, Quire joins several other avatars in "a white hot light" and is never seen again. Where he currently resides, or if he exists at all, has yet to be explored, but it has been heavily implied that his mainstream counterpart will one day also become a host.


Seemingly those of the Quentin Quire of Earth-616. He has demonstrated flight.[1]

  • An excerpt from the script of New X-Men #154, included in the Here Comes Tomorrow trade paperback, reveals that Quentin is from an alternate universe and is not native to Earth-15104.

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