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Quo Modari are an extraterrestrial race that reside in the Milk way galaxy. Two members of Quo Modari worked for the War-Crimes Tribunal to Earth. They teleported down to the planet to explain to Force Works that Starstealth was wanted on sixteen planets for mass murder and genocide and that they have to answer for their crimes in front of the interstellar War-Crimes Tribunal.

The Quo Modari were transported back to the Skrull Tribunal Ship and one of them showed Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Woman refugees of those worlds. Later when the ship fell under the control of a corrupted Recorder a member of the Quo Modari delegation was murdered by a Stug-Bar who was teleported on board by the Recorder. The remaining members of the delegation were grateful when the Avengers and Force Works had stopped Starstealth and Recorder.[1]

Quo Modari known as Nohm worked with with Imogen and provided assistance on a mission to steal the Crucible. After being left behind by Imogen, he joined Century's crew on Broker's former spaceship to return to their homeworld.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Highly intelligence, articulate


Bodies not built for fighting


Cultural Traits

Pacifism, dedicated to diplomacy and inter-species relations



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