Quote1 It was an aeons-old eldritch thing from beyond the veil of space and time. Quote2
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Quoggoth (Earth-616) vs. Shuma-Gorath (Multiverse) from Wolverine First Class Vol 1 12 001

Quoggoth vs. Shuma-Gorath

Quoggoth was created by Shuma-Gorath, Lord of Chaos and greatest of the Old Ones, and served as his servant for aeons. Hundreds of millions of years later, Quoggoth fancied himself more powerful than his master and rebelled against him. Although he couldn't destroy his former disciple, Shuma-Gorath imprisoned him inside a sunken sepulchre.[2]

Modern Age

The mutant known as Magneto brought the sepulchre and the island upon which it sat back to the surface and used the island as a base of operations, until he was defeated by the X-Men, who ended up stranded there when Professor Xavier's yacht broke down. As he was not able to escape his prison due to the powerful binding spells Shuma-Gorath had placed on it long ago, he attracted both Sprite and Cyclops (both sent by Xavier to investigate an odd noise coming out from the sepulchre as a way to learn more about how recon missions work) within the sepulchre to try and strike a deal to allow him and his spawn to escape their prison, but Cyclops refused.

Quoggoth (Earth-616) and X-Men (Earth-616) from Wolverine First Class Vol 1 12 001

As they found themselves trapped at its entrance, Wolverine, who was on the other side of the doors, heard the two screaming at one another and used his claws to pop the crystal seal on the doors and open them, allowing Kitty and Cyclops to escape. Quoggoth managed to reach the entrance as well but before he could actually escape the sepulcher, Cyclops used his eye beams to close the doors while Wolverine put the crystal seal back in its place, trapping Quoggoth once more within the sepulchre.[2]

Quoggoth somehow ended up awaking in Central Park, and stated he wanted to bring "gibbering madness to this fallen realm", but was stopped by Squirrel Girl who used nearly one hundred squirrels to attack Quoggoth's eyes. He was captured and taken away by the NYPD.[3]


Quoggoth was strong enough to struggle with Shuma-Gorath, and could not be destroyed by him.[2]

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