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The being known as Quonian is actually an alien from the Planet Quonian, but since he's unable to speak no one knows his real name.[1] At some point, he made his way to Earth and became part of the Honor Guard of the Monster King of Staten Island.[2]

After returning from one of their missions, they discovered Deadpool had killed their king and become the new monarch according to ancient Monster Law. Although understandably hesitant at first, the entire team eventually accepted Deadpool as their new leader and helped him defeat Kraven the Hunter as he hunted for him.[3]

Quonian (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 8 3 001.jpg

Powers and Abilities


Quonian has super strength and durability, as well as much stronger skin than humans, allowing him, for instance, to be immune to standard tranquilizing darts.[1]


Quonian is capable of understanding many languages.[1]


Despite his linguistic knowledge, he's unable to speak any of the languages he knows, because he's mute.[1]


  • Quonian sleeps in a giant tank.[1]


  • Quonian is "Deadpool's Guide to Monsters" card number 119.[1]

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