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Pinpoint was a young super hero from Delhi recruited into the Champions after Ms. Marvel took leadership and decided to expand their ranks to make the team's reach global.[1]

He became close to Power Man and during War of the Realms they meet Cyclops who takes charge in leading the Champions against the rock trolls after being teleporting to Australia.[2] He was one of the Champions who were possessed by Blackheart but was freed and reunited to defeat him.[3]

During Coles Disaster, Pinpoint and Power Man planned to attack dragon who had attacked them but Viv was accidentally hit by chi, leading many lives in danger. He was greatly affected and outlawed by this accident.[4][5]



Teleportation: Qureshi has the ability to mentally create and control teleportation discs, which allow himself and others to teleport anywhere on Earth instantaneously.[1]


  • Pinpoint can speak some Spanish, but in his own words, he is "very terrible."[1]

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