The Quwrlln are a very old alien species; who are scientific students of the universe. They learned of the being known as Galactus, the World-Devourer and feared that he would someday approach their homeworld, Qwrll to sate his hunger. They worried that eventually, he would come to their planet and destroy it. So, they set out to learn about the nature of worlds and the affect that Galactus has on them. While exploring Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons, the body of James Hudson appeared. They used their technology to sustain his life by turning him into a cyborg and placing him in suspended animation while he travelled through space back to earth as he was out of his time. While on his journey back to earth, Galactus approached earth and was turned back, for the first time since the dawn of the universe, by the Fantastic Four. The Quwrlln realized that Hudson had the same qualities that would allow him to deter Galactus. Such was the case that they brought him back and altered him biochemically so that if they ever need him, he would bring Alpha Flight and himself to protect the Quwrlln.

Such a need arose when Nova, the herald of Galactus arrived at Qwrll. The Quwrlln had prepared other avenues of avoid Galactus and chose to shift their planet into another dimension. However, the shifted Nova with them and Galactus was able to track them down. Seeing no other alternatives, they summoned Vindicator who brought with him several of the more powerful Alphans, Her, and Avengers. The two teams had been battling the alien Consortium over the being known as Her. After some debate, the group decided to help the Quwrlln and fought Galactus. Eventually, a peaceful arrangement was made whereby Galactus would leave Quwrrl alone and instead, devour the Consortium mothership, which is powered by a miniaturized planet.[1]


Level of Technology: Advanced, including; cybernetics,[2] ships that dissolve,[2] interplanetary transoptic scanners (provide live images),[2] orbital monitoring organisms,[3] dimensional travel,[4] interstellar teleportation,[5] interstellar warp-capable ships,[1]
Cultural Traits: Scientists and students of the galaxy.[1]

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