Qwerty was a mutant before M-Day with the power to see the future. When she saw the outcome of all her movements, such as turning on a light switch, she went crazy. She was depowered on M-Day and died. She wrote the book of prophecy found by Delphi and that Masque used to try to start a human-mutant war.

Powers and Abilities


None, Qwerty was depowered due the events of M-Day.

Physical Strength

Weak human


Incapable of functioning as a normal person. Her power made her mind get lost in the chaos of multiple futures. Spent most of her time in what appeared to be a vegetative coma, but really wasn't. Her mind was simply too active to pay attention to her body.


Qwerty's name comes from the arrangement of the first six letters found on a computer keyboard.

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