Quote1 I hope you're ready to be a hero, R'Kin. Because we will either return as heroes -- or not at all. Quote2
-- Super-Skrull src

R'kin was the son of General N'ala, a commanding officer in the Skrull army. He was the youngest of six hatchlings, he was born the runt of the litter and developed an inferior ability to shape-shift. Due tothis he was denied entry into the Intelligence Corps, but was placed in the Engineering, Sanitation and Maintenance Division with a lifetime contract of service in exchange for steady employment and a home. Once the Annihilation Wave decimated much of the Skrull Empire, R'kin was eventually taken into the regional militia under the command of Baroness S'Bak. He had been declared unfit for combat, but R’kin continued to pursue his career as a warrior and even applied several times to Warbird training school. All of his applications were denied. Later on in Annihilation, he betrayed Kl'rt and had his limbs removed and cauterized in revenge.



Mechanical Engineer: R'Kin was a trained mechanic and could repair most ships

He was deemed to have a "Local" threat level by the Nova Corps.[1]

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