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R'Klll was a Skrull empress who came from the House of T'Ryss.[5] The eldest daughter of the previous emperor, she reluctantly married Dorrek VII after he killed her father to take his place. Both were planning to kill each other at some point.[6] During the Skrull war with Xandar, the fighting got close to Dorrek's flagship, prompting him to order its return to Tarnax IV. Disgusted at the emperor's cowardice, R'Klll assassinated him with a shot in the back. Taking control of the Skrull Empire, she ordered a discreet withdrawal from Xandar and ended the war.[7]

During the Dark Phoenix crisis, the Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra consulted both R'Klll and the Kree Supreme Intelligence as to what action to take regarding the current host of the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey.[8] Upon learning that Captain Mar-Vell was dying from an untreatable cancer, she sent a Skrull representative to honor him with the Skrull royal medal of honor.[9]

R’Klll (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 209 001

She and the Supreme Intelligence agreed to end the Kree-Skrull War based on the months long fight on Earth's Moon between the Skrull operative Raksor and the Kree operative Bel-Dann, who were originally assigned to observe the honor duel between the X-Men and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard to determine Jean Grey's fate.[5] A mission against the Fantastic Four by a team of X-Men imposters (Super-Skrulls) was approved by the empress.[10]

When Galactus appeared in Tarnax IV to consumed it,[11] R'Klll was ready to die with her world until her daughter, Anelle, revealed to her that her secret son with Mar-Vell, Dorrek VIII, was alive somewhere safe. With her hope of having the Skrulls and the Kree united in the grip of her bloodline renewed, R'Klll used a translocation device in her crown to teleport away from the dying Skrull throneworld, leading all to believe she had perished with her daughter and billions of other Skrulls.[2]

In order to infiltrate the Kree Empire as part of her plan to facilitate its union with the Skrulls, R'Klll sought the help of Skrull scientists who developed an experimental technology capable of masking her DNA. After killing the scientists to ensure their silence, R'Klll adopted the identity of long-dead Kree prisoner Tanalth and returned to Hala. She offered the Kree confidential Skrull intelligence and was promoted to Pursuer, beginning her slow rise through the ranks of the Kree.[2]

After the death of Korath, "Tanalth" became the new leader of the Pursuer Corps. In the wake of the Galactic Council's fight against the Builders along with the Avengers, the Supreme Intelligence saw other galactic empires were growing, and fast. He tasked Tanalth with the recovery of a powerful Kree artifact which had been lost on Earth since World War II. Those responsible for its fracture into three pieces and further disappearance were the heroes Human Torch, Bucky Barnes, and Namor.[12]

All-New Invaders Vol 1 13 Textless

R'Klll impersonating Tanalth

After recovering two of the three pieces, Tanalth confronted the Human Torch in Blaketon. Using a special machine, she recovered the information of the location from him. The Torch kept fighting Tanalth, and was almost killed, until Captain America and the Winter Soldier arrived.[13] Tanalth fought them until she was alerted that, based on the information recovered from the Human Torch, the final part of the Gods' Whisper had been recovered, for which she left the scene.[14]

When the reformed Invaders arrived at Hala in order to rescue Namor and stop the Kree from using the Gods' Whisperer, the Pursuer Corps ambushed the heroes[15] and captured them and observed as the Supreme Intelligence forced them to fight Ikaris until she realized the Winter Soldier had fled the scene.[16] Tanalth pinned down the Winter Soldier and proceeded to chase him across Hala. Unbeknownst to her, the Winter Soldier was merely distracting her as the rest of the Invaders subdued the Pursuer Corps and the Intelligence, the latter being deactivated by a virus downloaded into his computer by Captain America. When the Winter Soldier brought Tanalth back to the place of the fight, she was forced to help the Invaders recover the Gods' Whisperer so the Supreme Intelligence would be brought back by Cap. The Vision had already found the Whisperer, and Tanalth was forced to watch as the Invaders returned to Earth.[17]

Subsequent unrest caused by the destruction of Hala and the Kree civil war allowed R'Klll to fill a power vacuum left by the death of Ronan the Accuser and the defection of the Supreme Intelligence from the Kree Imperium to the Kree Empire. R'Klll saw an opportunity to bring the Skrulls and the Kree together when the plant-like species named the Cotati resurfaced with a plan to exterminate both empires as well as all animal life on the universe.[2] The Skrull emperor, Kl'rt the Super-Skrull, agreed to join forces with Tanalth, ushering the Kree/Skrull Alliance. By this time, Dorrek VIII had already reached adulthood, and was better known as the super hero Hulkling. He was enlisted by the Alliance as a figurehead to consolidate the coallition due to his nature as a Kree/Skrull hybrid and prophesized unifier.[18]

R'Klll (Earth-616) from Empyre Vol 1 4 001

R'Klll impersonating Emperor Dorrek VIII

When the Alliance sped towards the Cotati's base in the Blue Area of the Moon, they were intercepted by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four due to the Cotati's pacifist pretense. This gave the Cotati enough time to cripple the Alliance's fleet and launch and invasion on Earth.[19] As Tanalth, R'Klll attempted to convince Hulkling to deploy the Pyre, a star-destroying device that could destroy the Earth and eradicate the Cotati in the process, secretly wishing for it to be used as a display of power, but he refused due to his benevolence.[4] With the help of royal guardsman Captain Glory, R'Klll abducted and impersonated Hulkling to order the deployment of the Pyre.[1] Hulkling was eventually liberated by his husband, the sorcerer Wiccan, and he confronted his impostor. R'Klll rallied the royal guard against Hulkling, arguing his presence was a trick.[20] Concurrently, the Cotati used an Omni-Wave Projector in a psychic attack against the Alliance. But when their weapon was turned against them, it caused its psychic blast to instead strengthen the bonds between the Kree and the Skrulls. This caused Captain Glory to experience a change of heart and expose R'Klll as an impostor. Afterward, she was defeated and subdued by Hulkling, with her powers neutralized by an inhibitor mask she had previously used on her grandson during his imprisonment. With the Pyre disabled and the Cotati defeated, Hulkling consolidated his power as the true king of the Alliance.[21] R'Klll was subsequently incarcerated at the brig of the Alliance's flagship.[2]



Skrull Shape-Shifting: R'Klll's shapeshifting abilities were augmented to mimic not only the strength and speed of others, but also their DNA.[2]

  • Tanalth's Powers:
    • Superhuman Strength: While impersonating Tanalth she can presumably lift 60 tons like the real Kree Accuser. She has displayed vast superhuman strength, being able to easily lift and throw cars.[13]
    • Superhuman Durability: As Tanalth she displayed great resistance to physical damage. Explosions and the flames of the Human Torch were unable to damage her and could only cause some pain.[13] Likewise a blow to the face from Namor could only give her a bloody lip.[15]
    • Self-Sustenance: As Tanalth she could survive and speak in the vacuum of space without any issue.[22]



Skrull-clothing: R'Klll wears Skrull-clothing, which alters as she changes shape and size.

Inhibitor Mask: During her battle against her grandson, Teddy was able to remove the mask that had been put on his face to block his shapeshifting powers and put it on R'Klll's blocking her own shapeshifting power.[21]


Currently none.


Skrull-Transport Ships: R'Klll frequently used the advanced warp-drive starships of the Skrull-military.

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