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Origin and early years

R'llyeh was a city in the Black Smokers' Trench[4][2] in the Pacific Ocean,[1] and the home of the Aqueos (often erroneously considered a vampiric offshoot of the Atlanteans).[2]

The Logomancer issued the theory that ancient beings possibly produced the writings on the walls of R'llyeh, which were imperfectly copied into books such the Necronomicon, the Oracles of Zoroaster, the Darkhold and other mystic scrolls and books,[2] the ancient "things" being possibly Chthon and a group of related demons.

Modern Age

Following the defeat of their leader, Thakorr, Namor claimed dominion over the city and reinstated the Shallow Peace, decreeing that the Aqueos shall no longer attack Atlanteans.[3]

Points of Interest

  • The Tomb
  • Cave of Spines


Formerly the Great Old Ones, "ancient things from the stars"


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