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Râ Morgana was the daughter of the would-be-high priestess of a priesthood in the mountains, and of the Cimmerian adventurer Conan, who have saved her from a sorcerer, and to whom she had offered herself in a night of passion. Conan offered the priestess to leave with him but she refused. The intervention of Conan in the adventure was hidden to the priesthood, and she stated that she and battled the wizard alone and escaped with the aid of the gods. The next month, she performed a sacred ceremony in honor of the gods of fertility, afterwards spoke of visions and that a god had lain with her, and gave birth to a "holy child", Râ Morgana. She came to regret not having fled with Conan, and kept on looking north to the mountains.[1]

High priestess

The woman became the all-mother and high priestess of her priesthood. She taught Râ Morgana the Woman-Magic she had been taught. Growing up, Râ Morgana was hated by Té Kortinea, an ugly and hateful priestess.

At 20, she dated a man, whom she loved, and who wanted to go away with her. Caught embraced with a man, she was brought to her mother, while the man escaped and promised to return. Té Kortinea wanted her punished and the man ambushed, but was sent away. Alone, the high priestess told Râ Morgana of her own encounter with Conan for her to have some perspective on the choice of leaving or not, telling her of her true father by the way. Râ Morgana decided to flee with her man. The high priestess arranged for her daughter to walk out through the front gate.

Té Kortinéa was outraged by Râ Morgana, and threatened the high priestess' position for her doings, but she did not care, as she sat upon her throne, looking north to the mountains, thinking to maybe go there someday soon.[1]



Woman-Magic: Râ Morgana was taught Woman-Magic by her mother, and she could presumably use the same powers as she did.[1]

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