Zoumas is a wealthy businessman who, along with others, helped to fund George Bush's presidential campaign in exchange for political favors. When Bush failed to live up to his side of the bargain, however, Zoumas backed presidential hopeful Steven Keaton who seemed more pliable to their wishes. They began a campaign to place Bush in a bad light by highlighting his relationship with various superhuman beings including Captain America and the Avengers, claiming that he couldn't relate to the common person. To further this plan, Zoumas hired Jessica Jones through a third party to track Miranda Pritchett, Captain America's girlfriend, in a plan to out Captain America's secret identity because of his relationship to President Bush.

Having underestimated Jones, however, Zoumas' plan backfired. Jones didn't out Captain America's identity and discovered that Zoumas was behind the set-up after savagely beating his hireling Man Mountain Marko. She confronted him on the fairway while Zoumas was playing golf with his cronies. After admitting to hiring her and murdering Pritchett, Zoumas claimed that there was nothing Jones could do to make him pay for his actions without revealing the Captain's secret identity. He then claimed that he would later ruin Jones' life and have her killed if she interfered in his plans any further. Unbeknownst to everyone, including Jones, she had been bugged by Clay Quartermain and S.H.I.E.L.D. who heard everything that Zoumas had said and quickly converged upon his with attack helicopters, arresting him.[1]

Zoumas' subsequent activities are as yet unknown.

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