From the planet Andromida in the seventh galaxy, Raaka is a member of the Galactic Missing Persons Bureau. Ever since most of the planets in that galaxy had attained space travel, the bureau has been incredibly busy as pilots often failed to read their maps correctly. Raaka came to Earth looking for stranded spacemen in Egypt. The rags used to wrap mummies resembled the spacesuits used by members of the missing persons bureau and so Raaka examined all of the tombs, temples and museums in the area to see if any were stranded spacemen. When he discovered that mummies were not from Space, he headed back to his spaceship which he had hidden in the desert and returned to Andromida to report his findings.

Raaka/Mummex's True Form

Raaka caused quite a panic on Earth during his search, as onlookers referred to the incredibly large mummy creature as Mummex, King of the Mummies. Many believed him to be a demon sent by Allah to destroy them. Raaka's departure was witnessed by only one man, an archaeologist who was trying to learn the secret of the mummy.

Powers and Abilities


Raaka is hundreds of feet tall and has the proportionate strength of someone that size.



Space suit



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