The Rabbit was a Nazi spy active during World War II. In the summer of 1943, when Russian soldier Sonia Petroya was sent to the United States to give lectures to support the war effort, Adolf Hitler dispatched the Rabbit to stop Petroya in order to undermine American morale for the war.

To this end, the Rabbit successfully kidnapped Petroya during a lecture despite interference from the Human Torch and Toro, who failed to stop him. When threats could not convince Petroya to willfully rescind her views on the radio and support the Nazi cause, the Rabbit had her exposed to a chemical process that brainwashed her into doing his bidding. He then sent her to her next radio appearance where she followed his orders.

Her broadcast shocked Americans and convinced the Human Torch that something had happened to Sonia while she was in the Rabbit's custody. When Petroya returned to the Rabbit's hideout, she was followed by the Torch and Toro. The two heroes were quickly captured and doused in a chemical that prevented the use of their flames. In spite of this, the two heroes managed to break free and clean the chemical off before the Rabbit could brainwash them as well and captured the Rabbit and his minions. They were turned over to the authorities and their brainwashing on Sonia was reversed and his plot revealed to the public.[1]

The Rabbit's subsequent fate is unknown.


The Rabbit had access to a number of specially made chemicals. One would brainwash his victims into obedient slaves, the other was a fire proofing substance that could prevent the Human Torch and Toro from using their flames.


The Rabbit used conventional firearms.

Nazi brainwasher Doctor Shultz[2] created a Mind-Control Chemical that was injected into Captain America by the Red Skull, perhaps the Rabbit is using Dr. Shultz's Mind-Control Chemical.

Das Kaninchen is The Rabbit in German.

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