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before her mutation


Rachel Argosy, a.k.a. Rhapsody was a music teacher at Two Forks, Maine, who turned out to be a mutant at age twenty, her mutation manifestation allegedly having been retarded due to her having meningitis as a child.[1]

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When her mutation came out, and especially her blue skin, the school board Harry Sharp and anti-mutant parents made her being fired, even though the students were pleased by her lessons.[1]

Rhapsody then tried to make him take his decision to fire her back two days later, only to accidentally cause his death.[2] She was spotted by Sharp's wife Margaret and chased by the police across town.[1]

X-Factor's Multiple Man and Quicksilver were sent to investigate the case. Exposed to the effects of Rhapsody's power, Madrox became convinced of her innocence, and was set to break her out of prison when the truth was revealed by Rhapsody, showing she was responsible for Sharp's death. Madrox then change his mind and left, feeling betrayed.[3][4]

Rachel was eventually found guilty of Sharp's death and sentenced to a lengthy prison term, despite her efforts to prove her innocence.[5]

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Manifesting at S.F.


Rhapsody retained her powers post M-Day, and was considered a general threat by the O*N*E.[5]

She moved to San Francisco when the X-Men relocated there and invited mutantkind to join them, offering a safe haven for mutants, and manifested pacifically during the riots generated by the clash of the Humanity Now! Coalition and the mutants and tolerant parts of the city.[6]

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Sharing a look with Magneto


She was later seen at Madripoor, in the New Mutant Utopia build-up by Mystique's Brotherhood, on the streets in front of the bar where Erg sold Mutant Growth Hormone.

There, she was seen playing violin among prostitutes, possibly one herself. She shared a look with Magneto but it is unknown if they knew each others.[7]


Rhapsody is a mutant who displayed the following powers:

  • Psycho Sonic Conduction/Reality Warping: This is usually achieved through her playing her own violin - she could manifest various effects:[4]
    • Mind-Warping: This allows her to manipulate emotions, induce hallucinations in others or control minds completely.[4]
    • Flight: Levitation, apparently at her top running speed.[4]


She is a talented violinist.[4]


A violin and a piccolo (in case of emergency).[4]

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