Rachel Carpenter attended a Van Cliburn piano concert with her mother Julia Carpenter and her mother's boss Tony Stark. The next day, her mother said goodbye to Rachel and gave her a recording of Van Cliburn's concert, before she left the house to work. Outside, Elastika waited for Rachel and transformed into her best friend Leslie. The disguised Elastika convinced Rachel to hang out with her at the new mall's video arcade, instead of going to her piano lessons. Rachel played Armor Man vs. Genghis Khan, and found she had to keep on playing to stop the game from shocking her.

Julia and Tony watched Rachel from a security camera, and Hammer told them that they had to give him the plans for the Watchman's database in exchange for Rachel. Iron Man flew to Hammer Industries and detected Rachel's voice signature. He found Rachel in a hologram projection of an arcade. Rachel and Iron Man dodged the Mandarin's traps until Iron Man ran out of energy.

The Mandarin transported Iron Man and Rachel to his cave. Iron Man realized that he could use the sound energy from Rachel's tape recording to power his suit. Rachel gave him Van Cliburn's piano music, and the music powered up Iron Man's armor so they could escape. Later, Rachel became the maid of honor for Tony Stark and Julia Carpenter's mock wedding.

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