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Revenant in front of Fortress X


The "woman" known as Revenant is a complete mystery. Nothing is known for sure about Revenant's life prior to Fortress X or her arrival there. Her body is not actually made of flesh-and-blood, but instead she is a field of patterned plasma.[3]

Some believe her to be Jean Grey because of her red hair, Phoenix shaped energy halo and her telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers. However, it is assumed that Jean Grey died after the Albany explosion and/or during the subsequent USAF bombing strikes.[4]

Fortress X

Once in Fortress X, Magneto assigned Revenant to be a Force Warrior. She now helps the other Force Warriors to daily repair the telekinetic force wall around Fortress X.[5]

Revenant followed Legion's lead when the Force Warriors attempted a take over of Fortress X.[6]

After the final battle with the Human Coalition troops, and when Legion returned reality to normal, Revenant was one of the anomalies which still exists in the mainstream reality (like Chamber with his mutant powers).[7]

On Utopia she told Scott Summers that she is actually a mental manifestation of Rachel Summers, who is still in deep space, before vanishing.[1]


Revenant is a mutant with strong and varying powers including:

  • "Revenant" is an old-fashioned word for a ghost - something that comes back from the dead.
  • Revenant and Chamber with his mutant powers are two of the anomalies which still exists in the mainstream reality, but according to Revenant there will be others.[7]

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