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Rachel Summers

In the altered reality of the House of M, Rachel Summers was the lady-in-waiting/bodyguard and traveling companion to Lady Elizabeth Braddock, alias Psylocke, British royalty after her brother Brian became ruler of all England.

Having recently returned from adventuring abroad, Rachel and Betsy became involved in Captain Britain's mission to seal the rift in causality created by the Scarlet Witch's manipulation that created this twisted reality in the first place, to prevent its chaos from spreading to other universes.

It should be noted that though Rachel appeared in the House of M warp of Earth-616, there may not actually be a version of Rachel in the actual House of M universe, since Rachel has been said to be unique in the multiverse,[1] and revealed herself to exist in not only one but as five alternates through the realities during the time she passed stuck with Psylocke in the White Hot Room. There, she stated she was the only "her" of the whole multiverse's Rachel, but showed five appearances, a skin one, a black Hound and a red one, herself and a burning Phoenix, who were supposed to be not alternate but aspects of her past.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Rachel Summers of Earth-811, including:

  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy


See Rachel Summers (Earth-811)#Weaknesses.

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